Our Warranty


Cabinets Bay LLC warrants that any parts of cabinets or accessories whose defects will be noticed within a 10-year period from the date of purchase will be replaced. The warranty is limited and only applies to original buyers and cabinets installed inside houses/offices. This warranty does not cover labor costs that will be expended on the replacement of any parts. Any replacement costs are customer’s responsibility. The warranty covers only parts of the cabinets, their components/accessories and shipping costs. Free shipping is available only in 48 contiguous states.

Our cabinets and accessories are made of wood. Slight differences in the natural color of the wood, its texture, structure and other characteristics are not manufacturing defects. The cases when our products are subject to high humidity, low or high temperatures will cause immediate reaction of wood panels. Smoke, dirt, constant direct exposure to sunlight can also cause changes in the wood structure.

The warranty does not cover damaged parts if the products were not handled properly during working life. Wood is a live material that can change over time. The expansion of wood species may be the cause of the appearance of thin, noticeable lines at the joints of the wood panels. This behavior of the wood is normal and is not a warranty case. Some wood products (such as doors) can also bend over time. Bending of wood panels is normal due to the nature of wood materials. Bending of wood less than ¼” is not a reason for replacing the part and is not covered by the warranty.

We complement and update our product lines in order to adapt to modern trends and provide our customers with the best products made in accordance with modern industry standards. Cabinet manufacturers also monitor market changes and may slightly change the color of their products or withdraw them from production. In the event that the original product has been changed or withdrawn from production, we reserve the right to refund the partial price of the products by money refund.

A warranty complaint will require photos of the defect and a brief description of the problem. Based on the materials provided, Cabinets Bay LLC, in collaboration with the cabinet manufacturer, will determine whether any damage is a warranty case, in accordance with industry standards and previous work experience.

You can contact us for any questions related to the warranty or our products in general. Our contact information is here.